depression of junior doctors'Been feeling a bit down lately; I can't concentrate on anything and I can't seem to get on top of things.

Off my food, not sleeping very well.

I've got next weekend off, but don't really feel like seeing anyone. What's the point? I've got nothing to say... '



What can you do about Depression?

If you are feeling seriously unwell, call:

  1. a friend or family member
  2. Lifeline - 13 11 14
  3. your own doctor, or go to the Emergency Room (click here for a list of contact numbers)

Proven benefit

  • exercise,
  • social activities,
  • psychotherapy
  • medication
  • bibliotherapy, eg:
    Beating the Blues by Susan Tanner and Jillian Ball
    Change Your Thinking by Sarah Edelman


An initiative of the Doctors’ Health Advisory Service (NSW), the Medical Benevolent Association, the AMA Doctors in Training Group, the Resident Medical Officers’ Associations, the Australian Medical Students’ Association, the Clinical Education and Training Institute and the NSW Employee Assistance Program with funding from the Medical Board of NSW (2009).