Drugs and Alcohol

'I don't know how it started. Work was really busy; not enough sleep. First I had my usual coffee in the morning, then another few to get me through the shift. That wasn't doing much so I started drinking V, Red Bull and Mother.

Someone suggested taking Stilnox; got used to that so had a few glasses of wine with it, then started taking diazepam instead. Have to be careful though, my GP questioned why I need another script - maybe I should go to another GP.

I can't seem to stop taking them. Caffeine tablets in the morning before my shift; alcohol and benzos at the end of my shift to relax me and help me sleep.'



Initially, people may drink alcohol or take drugs as a social activity, to increase pleasure or to decrease emotional or physical pain.

When substance use becomes a NECESSITY rather than a luxury, it's a problem.

Substance use can spiral out of control and lead to depression.

It not only causes physical damage, but can also result in financial, occupational and reputational costs.

Make an honest assessment of your need for drugs or alcohol, and take it from there...

What can you do about D&A problems?

  1. Seek professional help
  2. Look after your SELF

Alcohol & Drug Info Service (24 hrs)
In Sydney: (02) 9361 8000
Outside Sydney: 1800 422 599

Alcoholics Anonymous (24 hrs)
1300 22 22 22

Narcotics Anonymous (24 hrs)
1300 652 820


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