'So o o tired...

Had a good day today.

Couldn't sleep in though, so woke up early went to the beach, had lunch with Isa, tried to have a nap in the afternoon – couldn't. Went to the gym instead.

.. dozing off ... pager: METCALL!

What am I going to do?

Hope no-one dies on my shift...'




Tips for Nightshift

  1. The night before: I stay up until about 6am, then sleep all day. When I get tired about 3 or 4am, I call my friends on the other side of the world.
  2. Do something physical: Me? I iron a whole month's worth of shirts in front of a TV/DVD marathon.
  3. Eat well: I have a protein-rich meal before I go to work, a proper meal during the shift (don't snack throughout the night) and a carbohydrate-rich meal when I get home to help me fall asleep.
  4. Sleep, sleep, sleep during the day: Wear sunnies on your way home avoiding direct sun exposure; close the blinds or wear eyeshades to reduce the light; reduce noise as much as possible, for example by wearing earplugs; send your flat-mates out for the day and let your neighbours know, so they don't mow the lawn!

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