'This is my fourth evening shift in a row.

Haven't seen my partner for a while - like ships passing at night.

By the time I get home, Rob is asleep.

When Rob gets up to go to work, I am still sleeping.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow though: I am starting nights, so at least we get to have a meal together before Rob goes to sleep and I go back to work...'



Tips for maintaining Relationships

maintaining relationshipsThe stress associated with being a JMO can place a strain on your relationships, especially close ones. If you have a partner:

  • involve your partner in strategies to cope with shiftwork and secondment;
  • have a shared calendar and mark out time together - for a meal, a movie or just a walk;
  • plan holidays and make sure you always have something important to look forward to together;
  • be patient about discussing options and finding compromises.


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